The basic version of the line requesting and allotment program of VPE Ltd., the Rail Capacity Allocation Office was introduced in November 2007.

The main features of the system are:

WEB-based route management,

  • ordering route-related and stand-alone services
  • querying the status of route requests, monitor the administration process,
  • graphic map of loading area reservations
  • ordering, listing, graphical and map of capacity limits
  • general queries,
  • requesting a study schedule, preparing a preliminary quotation for a route and/or service
  • query and download the route timetable.

We hope that you will help you in your work to use the system. Your comments and suggestions about the system are welcome at the vpe--.at.--vpe.hu e-mail address.

Reporting error

Any errors that may occur during use should be sent to the hibajegy--.at.--vpe.hu e-mail address.