Charging Methodology 2016-2017

VPE prepares this document for 5 timetable years.

Principles set out in the CM II. shall be used for the first time to the preparation of the CD determining network access charges to the timetable period that begins from 00:00h of 13 December 2015. Principles also have to be followed when supplying data and information - necessary to prepare CD - by non-independent infrastructure managers.

The modification of DM II. could become necessary because of possible changes to legal rules applicable during the compilation of CM II., obligation for revision defined by § 67/J (2) of the Railway Act as well as the fact that service portfolio provided by infrastructure managers may differ in various timetable periods or data or information related to the determination of charges must be updated in every year. As a result, different CM II. versions might be created. However both validity and effectiveness of the given CM II. version are indicated on the front page of the CM II. with the proviso that only one of the CM II. versions may be effective for a given period at any time.

Validity of previous years DM versions can be found in the archive.